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Hydraulic Predictive Maintenance Made Easy.

Protect your expensive hydraulic pump, inexpensively.

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heart monitor

If the pump is the heart of a hydraulic system, PumpMD is a monitor that warns you about cardiac arrest, before it's life-threatening.

PumpMD (manufactured by IoT Diagnostics, serviced & distributed by Airline Hydraulics Corp.) provides critical first alerts for your workhorse axial piston pumps. This cost-effective sensor pack allows you to scale across your fleet of pumps and manage schedules around real-time performance data.


Keep small problems from becoming big profit losses.

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PumpMD alerts you when and which pump needs to be replaced or repaired before it fails.

PumpMD monitors case drain temperature, and pressure and sends an alert when conditions exceed the presets set by the pump manufacturer.

Case Drain Monitoring

PumpMD is the only device engineered, designed and made for case drain monitoring of axial piston pumps.

Configured To Your Pump

What information do you need to configure your PumpMD? The pump case drain size is all.

Any Axial Piston Pump

Designed for axial piston pumps, which are the workhorses of hydraulic pumps.

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Zero Pressure Drop

With no moving parts, there is zero pressure drop across the device.

Understand Pump Wear

Get a clear insight to the health and efficiency of your pump and rank all your pumps based on wear for prioritized repairs.

Wi-Fi Connected

Uses Wi-Fi connection for remote monitoring with instant notifications and reporting.

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Data is stored on IoT Diagnostics’ cloud network to provide ability for historical trending and pattern discovery.

cost effective


PumpMD is an extremely price-effective way to avoid downtime and maximize production. 


Custom Alerts

Whether you are in the shop, the office, or on the road, never miss a critical alert. Receive instant notifications on pump health (via text, email, and other notifications).


Easy to Use

The sensor pack is easy to install and use. Just install, connect, and go!

Reactive maintenance the OLD way:

  • Pay for experts on staff to use their physical senses to try to understand when something’s going to fail. 

Predictive maintenance the PumpMD™ way:

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Know with certainty when something’s about to go wrong with your pump, before it happens.
  • Experience machine failure, unplanned downtime, and revenue loss.
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Never experience unplanned downtime - just scheduled maintenance.
  • Order expensive UPS RED shipments to get replacement parts as soon as possible.
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Order replacement components with advanced notice and cheaper shipping.
  • Have last-minute travel for maintenance staff to service various locations, or pay for dedicated maintenance to monitor and maintain each system.
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Monitor pumps from anywhere in the world from your computer. Plan in advance when maintenance staff needs to be at a certain location.



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