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At Airline, company culture isn’t just a trend. By investing our time, money, and energy into our employees, we're able to create a purposeful work environment where employee happiness and professional development work hand in hand.

We know our business... we own it

100% Employee-Owned 

ESOPAirline Hydraulics Corporation is 100% employee-owned through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). All employees at Airline are able to succeed as individuals in a thriving 100% employee-owned company, where our core values and employee-ownership are the key pillars of our company culture. All employees are encouraged to reach new heights while serving our customers within the fluid, power, and automation technologies.


How do our employees "own" their company? Read our article on employee ownership in Technically Speaking, or watch our video. We'll answer all of the commonly asked questions about ESOP and share the true meaning of being a 100% employee-owned company.

Airline's Core Values 

Our core values are the guiding light for everything we do. As a company and as individuals, we strive to follow Airline's CHAMPIONS Core Values with the way we do business and how we work together as employee-owners.

Collaboration: We believe in teamwork and building relationships.
Honesty: We have a commitment to integrity and transparency.
Accountability: We rely on our relatable and dependable staff to get the job done.
Mastery: We prioritize learning and teaching technical expertise. 
Productivity: It means working smarter with high quality and quick output. 
Innovation: We demonstrate problem-solving skills with creative solutions.
Ownership: We encourage all employees to own their job as an employee-owner. 
Nimbleness: Our ability to be flexible and quickly adapt to change.
Safety: We promote a culture of employee safety and wellbeing.

what's it like working at airline?

Listen to our employees:

“I Love working for Airline Hydraulics because they make you feel like family. Everyone wants the other to be successful and teamwork is what this company is based on. They really promote positivity and personally connecting with not only your co-workers but customers as well.” S&R Coordinator
“I find real satisfaction in being involved in the sector that I am in – which is at the forefront of customer interaction. There is a sense of accomplishment and pleasure after successfully overcoming a problem – whether it has to do with a customer application, troubleshooting on-site, or finding the pain points of a customer or vendor that was prohibiting them from making a decision in everyone’s favor.” Hydraulic Applications Engineer
“I work for Airline because of the collaborative work environment, we all work together as a team to get the job done. : The core value that speaks to me the most would be ownership: ownership means to me taking the initiative to bring about positive results. I take pride in my work and will go the extra mile to complete a task.” Cylinder Repair Coordinator
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