Celebrating 75 Years of Innovation


Events@3xAirline Hydraulics is filled with immense pride as we celebrate our 75th anniversary, a true testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the industry.

While we cherish our rich past, our gaze is fixed on the future. That's why we've embarked on a mission to invest in what lies ahead. Through a diverse range of STEM activities, we aim to nurture the next generation of industrial innovators and leaders. This year and those to come, we hope to inspire young minds and shape a brighter future.

We invite you to stay tuned and check this page frequently for updates and details about these exciting initiatives. Let's celebrate 75 years of growth, achievement, and impact together. 


Our 75 Mission: STEM Education 

In celebration of our 75th anniversary, we are proud to partner with local schools, organizations, and programs to bring hands-on learning experiences to students from all backgrounds. Through interactive workshops, mentorship programs, and community events, we are boosting this initiative to make STEM education accessible and exciting for everyone.

STEM Workshop Series: The Fundamentals of PLC Programming

We are thrilled to have a special partnership with La Salle Academy in Northeast Philadephia, PA.

Airline has dedicated its staff and resources to provide students with STEM education opportunities.
Our goal is to provide a hands-on, practical learning experience that inspires students to explore the intriguing world of engineering and consider a career in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field. Through this initiative, we aim to contribute to our community, foster interest in technical careers, and secure a bright future for the industry.

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La Salle Academy
La Salle Photo

We firmly believe that future engineers will thrive by embracing their creativity and problem-solving skills. This partnership will empower students to be innovative thinkers, wherever life takes them. Oh, the places they'll go! Stay tuned for updates about our exciting journey with La Salle Academy.

Learn more about our partnership in our press release: Philadelphia's La Salle Academy Celebrates Successful After-School STEM Program with Local Manufacturer, Airline Hydraulics.

Tech Traveler Student Outreach

STEM technology demo at Millersville University
STEM technology demo with collaborative robot at Millersville University
Technology demonstrations to Bucks County Tech School students with Airline's Tech Traveler
STEM demo for students with Airline's Tech Traveler

We actively participate in various outreach events, each designed to inspire and engage students in STEM fields while giving back to our local community. From our school Tech Traveler visits, where we bring the wonders of technology and innovation directly to students, to our presence at career fairs, where we aim to showcase the endless possibilities in STEM careers, we strive to create opportunities for growth and learning.

Through these initiatives, we hope to empower the next generation of innovators and make a lasting difference in our community.

Want the tech traveler to visit your school or university? Request a visit today!

STEM Events

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We're excited to announce that Airline Hydraulics, in partnership with LancasterMakes, is presenting fascinating session on collaborative robots at the Lancaster Science Factory. This special event will provide attendees with an immersive experience in modern robotics. Our highlights will include real-world applications, the future of robotic collaboration, and an interactive demo that should not be missed. We invite everyone—students, educators, and science enthusiasts—to join us in this engaging exploration of technology. 

Read more in our blog post.

Learn more about the Lancaster Science Factory


Student Mentorship Programs


Partnering with local schools and organizations, we provide mentorship programs for students aspiring to pursue STEM careers. Through showcasing real-life applications of these careers, students gain valuable insights from experienced professionals, helping them become inspired to enter the industry with confidence.

In addition to these initiatives, our CEO also personally mentors students from Georgetown Academy for their Senior projects. This collaboration allows students to benefit from our CEO's expertise and guidance, further enhancing their learning experience.

To learn more about this exciting endeavor, please visit our press page.

"We have chosen to celebrate our 75th year by giving back. We realize the greatest part of our business is the people. So we are not having a huge party or giving away Rolex watches. We have chosen to pay it forward."

- Mark Steffens, Airline CEO.

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The Rich History of Airline Hydraulics Corporation

For three-quarters of a century, Airline Hydraulics Corporation has been at the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled service and innovative solutions to our valued clients. As we celebrate our 75th year, we take a step back to reflect on our rich history, one marked by unwavering commitment, groundbreaking technology, and a dedication to excellence. From our humble beginnings to our current standing as a leading name in the industry, our journey speaks of our resolute passion for innovation and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.


In 1949, M. Joseph Loughran founded the Airline Equipment Company to distribute pneumatic tools and accessories in Philadelphia. The city had a vibrant industrial manufacturing economy with companies like Baldwin Lima Hamilton, Midvale Heppenstall, Westinghouse Electric and Philco employing thousands of workers. All these companies bought air tools from our company, then known as "Airline Equipment Company." With its growing reputation, the company simply became known as "Airline."


Over the years, Airline's territory expanded, and the loyal customer base grew, urging the Company to expand into the hydraulics field. In 1969, with sales approximating $3 million, Airline changed its name to Airline Hydraulics Corporation, the name we have today.

To learn more about our name, read our blog post, Why Are We Named Airline

Airline's Original Locations

Before the establishment of Airline's present branches, our original headquarters were located in Philadelphia, PA, with our first branch locations in Baltimore, Maryland. Subsequently, we relocated our Philadelphia headquarters to Bensalem, PA, where we continue to thrive to this day.

Learn more about our current branch locations on our Locations Page.


M. Joseph Loughran, the visionary behind Airline, handed over the reins to his son, Joseph E. Loughran. Together, Joe and his brother, Robert, acquired the company's stocks. In 1986, Joe assumed full ownership of the business by purchasing his younger brother's stake, becoming the sole shareholder of the company.


As our capabilities and reputation grew, customers demanded solutions to a wider array of machine problems. To meet this need, Airline further broadened its product offering to include automation products such as sensors, PLC's and motion control products from Omron Electronics, SMC Pneumatics and many others.


Our aluminum extrusion product line was officially launched.


Our reputation continued to grow, and our revenue grew to over $40 million. We had 150 employees actively serving over 5,000 customers in the industrial, mobile, marine, and utility marketplace.


Airline proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary!


ESOP@3xJoseph E. Loughran sold his company shares to make the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), making Airline a 100% employee-owned company.

Learn more about employee ownership in our blog post, What is Employee Ownership?.


We expanded with a new 17,000 sq. ft. addition to the Bensalem facility, our current headquarters today.

Take a video tour of our headquarters in our Manufacturing Day video.


M. Joseph Loughran's initial vision and strategic approach have proven successful, as evidenced by our current CEO, Mark Steffens, carrying out that vision. Airline has continued to expand its business, establishing itself as a leading distributor of fluid power, automation, motion control, and engineered solutions. With 5 locations serving customers throughout the North and South East, we strive to provide exceptional service and meet the diverse needs of our valued customers.

Learn more about Airline on our About Us page.

Our core values and employee ownership are not just the key pillars of our company culture, but they also provide a unique environment where each of our 300+ employees across our eight office locations can reach their full potential. All while providing outstanding service within the fluid, power, and automation technologies sector. Explore our Culture Corner page to learn more about our company, our values, and what sets us apart.

For our entire history, check out our Company History Timeline.

Airline by the Numbers

Numbers tell a story, and ours are a testament to our growth, reach, and impact over the past 75 years. Our numbers reflect the dedication, hard work, and innovation from our employee-owners that have propelled us forward. As we look to the future, we are excited to build upon our legacy and create an even greater impact in the years to come.


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Our Favorite Projects

In our 75 years of operation, Airline Hydraulics Corporation has had the privilege of working on a multitude of exciting and innovative projects, each playing a key role in shaping our identity and growth. Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite projects that truly embody our ethos of innovation and service.

  • Microlab
    Microlab's partnership with Airline to implement a lean work cell led to an impressive 90% reduction in production cycle time, effectively cutting costs and enhancing efficiency. Read the full story of this successful application here.
  • Bridge build over busy highway
    Discover how Airline successfully completed the challenging task of building over a busy highway, showcasing their expertise and innovative solutions. Read the full story of this remarkable application success here.
  • Pneumatic Table build
    Airline created a customized automated packaging table for a valued client facing the challenge of managing their increasing order volumes. Thetailor-made solution provided them with a highly efficient and flexible packaging system to meet their evolving needs. Read the full story here.
  • ast cart
    AST, a laboratory solutions provider, achieved impressive results by adopting Airline's aluminum extrusion. The switch led to a remarkable 64% reduction in production time, a 49% decrease in size, and a 74% reduction in weight. Read the full story here.

Read about these projects and more in our blog, Technicall Speaking.

Working at Airline

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Airline Hydraulics Corporation is proud to be a 100% employee-owned company through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). As an entirely employee-owned entity, we offer all of our employees the opportunity to thrive as individuals within our successful organization.

Hear directly from our employees about their experiences and journeys with us over the years. Review our Culture Corner page, where you can dive deeper into our company, its core values, and what makes us stand out.

  • Framing Profiles Background Web copy
    Airline has had some huge changes in my time here; the growth in the business and key personnel is truly amazing. But the most important thing to me, no matter how much Airline had changed and grown, the core values instilled by Joe Loughran when I first started here are still the foundation of our company.
    - Thomas L.
  • tech traveler background (2)
    "Having managers who value my opinion has led me to value my own views more."
    -Kayla R.
  • AMS Background (1)
    "I have had the honor of working with some pretty amazing people at Airline. A few have had a huge impact on me; their friendship and guidance over the years have helped me to improve as an employee and, quite frankly, as a person." 
    - Dave Q.

Interested in becoming an employee-owner? Check out our careers page and apply today! 


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