Networking Services

by Airline and Phoenix Contact 

Airline and Phoenix Contact provide OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) teams networking services to manage, support, and secure OT assets. 

With the deployment of networking devices, OT and IT must learn to collaborate and work together. We're here as a valuable resource to guide OT and IT teams in achieving reliable data connectors for the future-proof networking of all communication devices. 

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Phoenix Networking Capabilities

Phoenix Contact Provides the Following Networking Services


SCADA/Remote Connectivity 

  • Provide connectivity solutions for managing SCADA systems
  • VPN connectivity for security
  • Advance routing for complex deployments
  • Redundancy setups with multi-hub applications
  • VPN cloud integration
  • Management software for device deployments
  • Designs of complex network applications 

Service Level Agreements

Main Components of SLA:

  • Advanced customer application support
  • Level 2 resources via phone/email/VPN
  • High competence in automation products

Support expectations – Post-deployment support:

  • Troubleshooting issues and incident management
  • Product questions

Advanced hardware replacements:

  • Quick replacements of defective hardware to get the critical system back up and running

Wireless Assessments

  • Provide site surveys and path studies
  • WLAN coverage
  • Long-range connectivity
  • Provide WLAN services to customers for pre and post deployment of our products
  • Pieces of training on wireless technologies
  • Product configurations for applications
  • SLAs for our products

Advanced Networking

  • Assessments of problematic networks
  • Redundancy applications with switch deployments
  • Network segmentation applications
  • VLAN and switch integration to higher IT layer
  • Compatibility testing of high-level switch applications
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