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OLF Offline Filtration Units

For hydraulic mineral oils, lubrication oils, cleaning fluids and coolants

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Airline offers weekly rentals of two styles of HYDAC's OLF series filtration units, the OLF-15 (27" height) and the OLF-30 (40" height). These units are designed to efficiently and cost effectively filter hydraulic oils, lubricating oils, cleaning fluids and coolants which are highly contaminated. These ready-to-install offline units are complete with optional motor and pump units. After utilizing an OLF offline filtration unit, expect to see lower operating costs, extended element service life, and cleaner, more efficient systems.


• Filling and flushing hydraulic units
• Filtration of fluids for hydraulic systems and test stands
• Filtration of cleaning fluids for parts washing machines
• Filtration of coolants

How the OLF works:

Dimicron® technology, which incorporates membrane filtration and multi-disc construction, sets the OLF apart from conventional filters by providing it with exceptional dirt holding capacity and separation efficiency.

Each filter element is able to capture and hold more than 1 pound of dirt, meaning that the OLF30, which uses two elements, will hold nearly 2 pounds of dirt. Membrane filtration provides the OLF with a separation efficiency over 99.9% for particles 2 micron and larger (ß2 > 1000) even in a single pass.

The synthetic membrane (2µm absolute) provides a high filtration rating while the cellulose filter layer collects and holds the bulk of the dirt load. This combination results in excellent removal efficiency, even in a single pass, and extremely high dirt holding capacity


Dimicron® technology filter element pictured above


Airline supplies rental units of the OLF-15 and OLF-30. Units arrive with first set of elements installed and ready to use.

OLF-15 (27" height):

  • Includes 1 filter element
  • 5 gpm
  • 15VAC
  • 6 Amps
  • Single Phase, Standard Integrated Pressure Gauge
  • SAE Adapters

OLF-30 (40" height):

  • Includes 2 filter elements
  • 10 gpm
  • 115VAC
  • 11 Amps
  • Single Phase, Standard Integrated Pressure Gauge
  • SAE Adapters

Weekly Rental Pricing:

Initial price for first week (includes new filter elements)
OLF-15:  $1,090
OLF-30: $1,740

Weekly price after first week:
OLF-15:  $570
OLF-30: $700

Customer responsible for shipping and set up. Minimum initial rental period is one week.