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ION Offline Filtration Cart

For Phosphate Ester (HFDR type) hydraulic fluid

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Easily clean and maintain Phosphate Ester (HFDR type) hydraulic fluid with Airline’s NEW dual-cartridge fluid conditioning cart. Now available for monthly rental, these carts integrate with existing hydraulic reservoirs to provide continuous offline fluid conditioning for oil commonly used in steam-turbine EHC systems.

Made for EHC Systems:

The ion filtration cart is designed specifically for EHC systems. EHC systems use specialized synthetic hydraulic fluids (HFDR type) that are more fire-resistant than standard petroleum-based fluids. The synthetic fluids require special care, not only because of their unique additives but also because of the high operating pressures and precision components in EHC systems. Many synthetic fluids readily absorb water from the atmosphere, which must also be controlled. Furthermore, the pH (acidity) of the fluid is also critical. If the pH is not within the system's specification, this can lead to advanced degradation of the fluid and EHC components. Regular fluid sampling and conditioning are the best ways to ensure EHC fluid is within acceptable limits for particulate count, water content, and acidity. After utilizing an Ion offline filtration cart, expect to see lower operating costs, extended element service life, and cleaner, more efficient EHC systems.

How the Ion filtration cart works:

The ion filtration cart filters hydraulic HFDR type oil through physical adsorption + ion exchange. The fluid filtration cart uses Ion eXchange cartridges (IXE), to remove acidic products of degradation resulting from hydrolysis and/or oxidation and varnish present in the fluid.


Airline supplies rental units of the Ion Filtration Cart with first set of elements installed and ready to use.

  • Suction and discharge hoses (3/4” suction, 1/2” discharge)
  • Electrical cord/plug, 115 VAC/60 Hz, 20 AMP
  • One 3um combined water removal and particulate filter element 
  • Two IX-200 Ion eXchange cartridges 


Monthly Rental Pricing:

$5,000 for the first month, $3,000 per additional month. Initial set of elements are supplied.

Customer responsible for shipping and set up. Minimum initial rental period is one month.